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Shrimp Po'Boy - Nicholl's - Semifinalist 
Marco Island Film Fest - 1st Place
Drama - Coming of Age - Family - Set in 1963 in Louisiana. After his parents move into a motel and his brother is drafted for Vietnam, "Shrimp" continues to dreams of two things:  The New Orleans Saints winning games and going to the moon. 
Hotties -  Indie Award Winner
Drama - A strip club is burned to the ground in a small, rural town, destroying a single-mother's successful business. One person is dead, and a local reporter is determined to find out who did it. 
Hip Hop Daddy - Filmmakers Award - Platinum Prize for Comedy
Comedy - When a club promoter becomes a single dad over night, he does his best to integrate his baby son into the rap scene. 
The Goddess Formula
Family - After returning from a trip to Egypt with her archaeologist mother, a girl experiences a major "glow up," and everyone wants to steal the secret beauty oil she found in a queen's tomb. 

Last Call
Horror - An American couple on a trip across Germany seek shelter for the night in a rural hotel where the regulars at the bar seem to have an insatiable appetite for food, drink, sex, and -- the life. (Can be shot in any rural area; it is not site specific to Germany).

Father Christmas 
Family - A widowed dad pulls out all the stops, year after year to make Christmas special for his kids, but when he breaks his leg, who's he going to get to slide down the chimney, certainly not the bah humbug school counselor?
The Unauthorized Tale of the Easter Bunny
Family - The truth is finally revealed in this clever bi-op of the Easter Bunny -- herself. 

Family - Two inner city kids perfect the paranormal skill of astral projection, which is all fun and games until they uncover an arson plot that destroys the new computer lab at their inner city school. What happens next could lead to the end of life as they know it on this plane of existence. 

The Jinx
RomCom - His buddies call him a "jinx," but when he jinxes the star quarterback for the New Orleans Saints on live TV, he becomes the most hated man in the state.  Can he clear his name and go back to being a mild-mannered mail man before he ends as alligator bait in the bayou?
Unnatural Disaster
Comedy - FamilyWith a category 5 hurricane bearing down on Miami, the "German" family a.k.a. Aleman, has bigger trouble brewing -- their Cuban cousins in Miami are coming to shake things up.

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