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Compañeras  - drama, inspired by the testimonios of Uruguayan women political prisoners, runs 90 mins. 7w, 1m. 
While locked up for revolutionary acts against the facist government of Uruguay, the women do their best to get through their undetermined sentences.  They plan to put on the play The House of Bernarda Alba for the other cells on the night of the Epiphany, but there is enough drama to raise Lorca from his grave before that happens. 

The Nut Lab - comedy, set in a nutrition lab; 5w, ages 20-50s; 4m, ages 20-50s; running time 85 mins.  
Four people volunteer as part of a study to explore the effect of sodium depletion on the human psyche. Each has his or her own reason for participating.  For one it's money for college, for one it's money for pot, for another it's a retreat from the marriage she's questioning after 25 years, and for another -- well, if we told you we'd have to kill you.  And we don't wanna do that 'cause who'd watch the play?

St. Bette’s  - drama, set in home for unwed mothers; 5w, ages 17 thru 50s; running time 85 mins.   
Four young women come together one summer to give birth to their babies in northern Minnesota in a home for "unwed mothers." Each has her reasons for being there, but not all of them have agreed to release their baby for adoption. 


Tag, You're It! - drama, set in rural ND, a garage; 3w, ages 30-40s; 1w age 50s-70s; 1m, age 30 and up ; running time 90 mins           

This play explores the issue most of us will face:  Who is it?  In this particular story there are three sisters. After the death of their parents, two of the sisters wrestle with who will take over the care-giving of their third sister, who is developmentally disabled.  It is a question that will decide the relationship for the sisters for the rest of their lives. 

Trees - drama, set in cabin in Bemidji, MN; 1 girl, age 12; 3w, in 30s/40s; 1w, 20 years older; 1m, 30s/40s - preferably Native American; running time 90 mins. A mother with stage 4 breast cancer invites her two oldest friends to her cabin in the woods. She must not only break the news to them that she's dying, she must ask them to agree to joint parent her 12-year old daughter. The problem?  Her dead mother has shown up to give her advice? No, worse.  Her two best friends can't stand each other, but each is exactly what her daughter needs.

Last Call - drama/comedy - 7w; 1 m. Running time 90 mins. group of women in North Dakota at the turn of the last century decide to take matters into their own hands when the bars take their husband and father's hard earned cash.

Flesh & Bones - comedy/drama - youth . 2m; 7w, and ensemble roles. running time 80 mins. A high school girl, despite having a beautiful voice, is overlooked by the visiting director at her school because of her extra weight.  So begins her journey to prove she is the right person for the role, but she finds so much more along the way.  

CAUTION: Children at Play.  Comedy, Youth. 12-plus ensemble.  Gender role swapping for all except 1m. Children can play adults, or adults can play adults in an intergenerational story. Running time, 75 mins. 
When a school science "geek" invents the ultimate body-swapping gizmo for the science fair, things go hilariously wrong when the kid most likely to sit in the principal's office switches bodies with the principal, who happens to be swindling money from the school.

SUPER NERD SAVES DA FORKS! Comedy, Youth. 8 main roles, ensemble possibilities for 14 more. Runs about 70 mins. 
Once again, the school science nerd comes to the rescue.  (Don't they always?)  Gender neutral role, Super Nerd must figure out how to beat the alien force hovering over his/her home town Big Forks, North Dakota.  It has beamed up almost all the children with braces, and worse than that -- all the cutlery!  How will Super Nerd ever end the madness?!

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