Born in West New York, NJ, Kathy, a.k.a. "Lorna," completed high school in Miami, Florida and graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a degree in Dramatic Writing, later earning a M.A. in English from the Univ. of ND.


Kathy has written more than fifty plays. While women-centered stories are the major focus of her work, she has also written prolifically for children’s theatre.  

History is another source of inspiration.  Kathy has enjoyed commissions that have allowed her to explore the early women's labor movement in NYC, the fight for women's full suffrage, homes for teen mothers in the 1960s, and beyond U.S. shores, Uruaguay's "dirty war" and some of the women who fought in it. 
She also dabbles in screenwriting, as you will see from her page here. 

Artist Statement

Theatre is the perfect artistic form for bringing people together to share STORY. STORY builds bridges. STORY binds us to others. STORY validates experience. STORY reminds of our history. 
While I write in multiple genres, I am most inspired by the stories which are too often whispered. The ones that have been tucked back in the darkest corners of closets.  My job as a writer is to turn on the light in the closet so we can see what is there.  Only then can we hear what they have to say.


Awards & Honors

Professional Development Award                      ND Council on the Arts                                   2011, ’16, ‘17
Winner – New Play Award for Companeras     Larry Corse – Columbus State, GA               2011     

Diamond Award, Hip Hop Daddy                     Filmmakers                                                        2010

Artist of the Year                                                    North Valley Arts Council Award                 2009

Winner - Ghost Town/Off the Map                     Bush Foundation Dakota Creative                2009
Winner - Companeras                                           ATHE                                                                  2008

Finalist, St. Bette’s                                                  Panowski Award – U. of Michigan                2008

Finalist, St. Bette’s                                                  Sienna New Play Award                                 2007 

Finalist, Trees                                                         Dayton FutureFest                                            2007

Winner, Trees                                                         Fullerton College                                              2007

1st place, Shrimp Po’boy                                      Marco Island Film Festival                              2002

Semi-finalist, Shrimp Po’boy                               Nicholl’s Fellowship                                        2002

Semi-finalist, Shrimp Po’boy                               Chesterfield Fellowship                                  2002



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