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Yoga Challenge -- Fail

In lieu of my weekly post, I'm going to let Lorna speak for me. Her experiences are pretty close to mine, as you might have guessed. Five weeks ago, I decided to use this social isolating time to discover better ways of living -- for me. I removed meat from my diet. I start every day with what I call my 3ws: Water, Write, Walk. And when my friend Lisa suggested on Facebook that we try Adriene's 30-day Yoga Challenge, I figured why not? I'd dipped my toe into yoga practice now and again for years. I know it'd be good for my stiff, middle-aged body to do. I just have had lots of excuses to avoid it. The major one being not enough time. Well, guess what I have a lot of these days? So, I figured the time had come and in the privacy of my living room -- what did I have to lose? Lorna's story isn't quite my story, but let's just say my story inspired her's.

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