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Brené Brown Inspires while Rene Blue Cautions: There's a time to be vulnerable, and this ain't it

This week's news was all about re-opening businesses. Oh, hadn't you heard? The country's all better now. First Donald Trump was encouraging residents in Virginia and Georgia to "liberate" themselves by demanding to re-open businesses so they could get back to work. (Although, a lot of signs said they wanted their mani/pedi, too.)

Then Dr. Fauci and other advisors must have gotten through to the President, because he pulled back and said we should proceed with caution. But as I write this, Georgia is gearing up to open bowling alleys tomorrow. Bowling alleys. What Americans are feeling right now about opening or remaining closed is referred to as a split.

Here in my home state of ND, and in my very own city of Grand Forks, our numbers are spiking after more than 100 people tested positive for Corvid-19 at a local manufacturing plant. Yet, there were protesters in Bismarck just last week.

A stunning photo on CNN showed ICU nurses wearing face masks "facing" down protesters with signs that read, "Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death." You tell me who the patriot is.

Well, when life makes no sense I write puppet shows. Lorna couldn't figure this shit out so she plugged into an "Ed Talk" by Rene Blue. And here's what Rene had to say.

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